Dear Mrs. Martha Ann Siegling

Hello! How are you and your family doing? I hope that everyone are doing great. Thank you very much for taking care of me as a host family. I had a great time with you and your family during I stay with you!! All of memories are precious experiences for me. Thank you!

This May 13th was the Mother’s day. So, please let me do something for this day. I had a great time with you and you helped me very much as my host mother during I stay with your family. I am deeply grateful to you for your kindness and help. So I want to do something for you!

First, please let me write about the Mother’s day. According to my research, it said that the origin of the Mother’s day is the United States of America. We have this day in Japan. So it seems that Japan imported this special day from the United States of America. Also, the Mother’s day is held in around the world and they are vary in some points, but the United States and Japan have it in same date. It is very interesting for me. Japan and the United States had such great cultural exchange in long times ago (Japan have this day from 1915)!!

I don’t know about American Mother’s day, but I suppose that it is alike Japanese one. In Japan, usually we celebrate this day from children to their mother. Some little kids make something, such as picture of their mother. Other kids do something, such as helping for house work, for their mother. In adult, generally, they give some presents for their mother or take their mother for nice restaurant. But the most common way is that give a carnation for their mother. I think that all most all women like flower. But I think that it is rear to send a flower for mother in Japan, so I think this is very good opportunity for Japanese people to send a flower to mother and makes their mother happy.

Today I made a carnation flower by Origami for you! I’m very happy if you like it. I am Japanese but I am not handy... . I’m sorry, flower’s shape is not good... . But this is my best!! I hope you like it!! It is made by Origami, so you don’t need water for this flower. I think it is good point of my flower!!

I hope that you had a great Mother’s day with your family. You are a great my host mother. I’ll never forget your kindness as my host mother!!


Rotary International District 7770
Youth Exchange Student Inbound 2006-2007
Eri Ohnuma



で。今日のお昼は特別に!って訳でもなく。いつも通りのアメリカン カントリーフードの食べ放題でした。でもすっごくうまかったので。書きます。

食べた ビスケット!!!!


んで今日は「スイートポテト」(レーズン マシュマロ入り 多分柑橘果汁も入ってる)もチョイスしたので一緒に食べましたら…これが





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